Anxiety: Hidden Causes - Table of Contents


Part I: Physical Problems & Anxiety

1 Food & its Discontents: Gastrointestinal Problems & Deficiencies
2 Disease and Dis-Ease: Physical Illness
3 RX Jitters: Drug Side Effects
4 Hormone Havoc: PMS & Menopause
5 Tired and Achy: Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia

Part II: Neurological Processing & Anxiety

6 Brain Misfiring: Brain Dysfunction
7 Overbreathing: Hyperventilation
8 Bodily Trauma: Craniosacral Misalignment
9 Sensory Havoc: Sensory Processing Problems
10 Shaky Place in Space: Balance Problems
11 Assaulted by Light: Photosensitivity

Part III: Toxicity & Anxiety

12 Toxic Food, Toxic Brain: Optimal Nutrition
13 Toxic Gut, Toxic System: Internal Detoxing
14 Toxic Environment, Toxic Brain: External Detoxing
15 Invisible Toxic Rays: EMF Protection