EMFs & Anxiety

Living in a digital society has created detrimental energies from electromagnetic radiation. Televisions, computer monitors, cell phones, high tension wires, industrial radar, ordinary sixty-cycle electric current, fluorescent lights, microwave beams, electric blankets, hair dryers, and other electrical appliances all emit radiation. The more you use these devices and the closer you are to them, the higher is your exposure to EMFs.

Though most radiation has been assumed too low in frequency to harm us, some experts worry that cumulative exposure may give us doses beyond safe. Hours, days, years of using a hair dryer, staring at a TV, typing at the computer, chatting on the cell phone, cooking in a microwave, and sleeping in a bed with an electric outlet behind us create on-going exposure of high levels of EMFs.

This takes its toll in a number of ways that affect the brain and nervous system. According to scientific research, such continuous everyday exposure to electromagnetic frequency zones create a constant source of stress, altering body polarity, and magnifying our body’s self-protective fight or flight response. This compounds adrenal loads from all other stressors, physical and emotional, and significantly reduces our ability to effectively cope, leading to fatigue, tension, and illness. Highly disruptive to our nervous system, EMFs also numb or dull our sense perceptions and interfere with normal brain wave activity. And they disrupt neurotransmitters such as dopamine, which helps us focus, experience pleasure, and feel energized, and serotonin, which helps stabilize our moods.

Information taken from Anxiety: Hidden Causes.