Healing Home

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Introduction (excerpt)

Your home is your refuge. Just as clothing is your second skin, your home is your third skin, a spatial womb to retreat to from the stresses of the world.

The harmonious home will protect, comfort, engage and shelter you. It should appeal to all the senses, meet your individual sensory needs, breathe healthy vitality, and connect you with the natural world.  It should have the particular sounds, colors, scents, lighting, and furniture that you need to optimize well being.  It should offer constancy for order and variation to keep you tuned in to your surroundings.  And it should keep you, your family and the planet healthy and vital by using natural materials – “going green” -- whenever possible.

Unfortunately, few homes accomplish this.

  • Too much clutter, too few cozy, private spaces, colors and décor too dull, too bright, or too busy make the environment feel at once too stimulating for relaxation and too uniform to engage and alert you.
  • Lack of sufficient color, textures, lighting, scents, sounds, nature and movement that meet your individual sensory needs reduces your comfort zone.
  • Toxicity from paint, furniture, cleaners and so forth, noise, and stressful lighting de-vitalize you and place you and your family in harm’s way.
  • Doors and windows kept shut most of the time seal you from the natural world to which all your bodily rhythms resonate – the sun, the moon, and stars, the trees, the wind and the water – interfering with your daily, monthly and seasonal internal rhythms.

Because of these shortcomings, your home not only robs you of an essential means of identity, security and protection in your life but is unknowingly diminishing well-being by making you feel more stressed and likely to get sick.

You can stop this today by turning your home into an aesthetic, sensational, safe haven -- a calming, peaceful inner sanctum that reflects your individual sensory needs and daily revitalizes you to better face the world’s challenges.


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