Low Muscle Tone & Diet Revolving Door

Some people thrive on that full feeling. If you are one, you may have low muscle tone and poor body awareness, a sign of sensory processing disorder. You crave that full feeling because it makes you feel grounded.

When we feel the earth beneath our feet, we feel secure moving through space and having our body leave the ground, as when jumping, diving, trampolining, or riding elevators suggests Kathryn Smith, an occupational therapist working in England. “But without gravitational security about our body's relationship to gravity, we are unable to free ourselves from being stuck down to earth,” says Smith, and to feel grounded, you need to keep your feet firmly planted to the earth. The heavier you are, the more gravity has to work on and your grip to the earth is more firm. In other words, if you hate exercising and have spent your life going through the diet revolving door, you may have low muscle tone and gravitational insecurity. If you need to feel full to feel connected to your body, losing weight will create an uncomfortable lightness of being, as if you could fly off into midair.

The only way to keep the weight off will be to increase body awareness. How do you this? Muscles. The better your muscular structure, the more you feel connected to your body.

Information taken from Uptight & Off Center.