Salvador Dali & SPD

High strung and manic, Salvador Dali was a shy child who would throw temper tantrums that his mother found hard to quell. In school, he would throw himself down a flight of stairs to get attention, indicating an extremely powerful need for tactile-proprioceptive input.

On the day he was to meet his future wife Gala at the beach, he wanted to make a suitable impression. But bathing attire was too dull. So Dali shaved his arms and mixed some laundry bluing with powder and died his armpits. He immediately started to sweat, causing the makeup to run. So he shaved again to make himself bleed, indicating low tactile/proprioceptive input and a high pain tolerance. His armpits were now all bloody. He stuck a fiery-red geranium behind his ear, indicating a need for strong visual input. He then smeared goat excrement all over his body, indicating a need for extreme odors to perceive smells. Voila! He was ready to meet Gala.

At the same time, Dali exhibited a terror of touch, indicating possible tactile defensiveness. His famous long oiled mustache is telling. Curved out to either side like bird wings, the hairs pulled his skin providing comforting pressure touch, but without touching his face and creating aversive tickling touch.

Information taken from Uptight & Off Center