Too Loud Too Bright Too Fast Too Tight - Table of Contents


Part I: Living Outside the Comfort Zone

1 Senses on the Defense

2 Sensory Processing: The Touchy Nervous System

3 Range of Severity: From Mild to Maddening

Part II: Secondary Effects: From Dis-Ease to Disease

4 Weaving a Web of Fear: Sensory Defensiveness Across the Lifespan

5 From Anxiety to Addictions

6 The Body Erupts: Psychosomatic Side of Sensory Defensiveness

Part III: Your Sensory Diet

7 Getting Started

8 Priming the Pump

9 Sound Health

10 Seeing the Whole Picture

11 Air Control

12 A Harmonious Space

Part IV: Removing Treatment Obstacles

13 Food for Your Nervous System

14 Breathing Lessons

15 Posturing for Inner Peace

16 Mind/Body – Only Connect!