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An answer to a life long question, September 3, 2004, by Mab "Lattana"
I have spent my entire life dodging bright light and loud music/noise. My inability to handle the simple sound of crunching or a change in the temp. During the day made me feel crazy and lonely. After years of this, my system has shut down so badly that I am physically ill to the point that I have had to take semesters off from school and shut out my entire life just to get by. This is the first time in my entire life that it not only makes sense but it changes it. I can't believe the difference it makes just to know what is wrong with me and that it is't in my head. This book should be read, not just by people suffering this horribly debilitating disorder but everyone. When u think your friend is being picky or emotional, it may not be. S/he could be suffering more than u knows. Possibly one of the most important books I have ever read.

Buy it!! I am a psychologist and sufferer myself. This is the only thing that helped me!!!!, October 1, 2007, by Nicole Lynn Viney
This book is excellent for anyone who experiences any type of anxiety. As a psychologist, I myself become unnerved, deeply anxious, and have my quirks. I react quickly to certain smells. I can't clean or be near any chemicals. I can only wear skirts because I can't stand anything on my waist. Crowds and loud noises bother me. I just thought I was a difficult person. This book explains exactly why I am the way I am. I almost want to push this push book in front of everyone's face I know and say "See I'm annoying because I have sensory problems." For those who don't believe in sensory problems- get on the boat or you are going to sink. It is amazing that as an adult I am just realizing after working with children with behavioral and autism problems that I have the same sensory-related problems. Buy this book. Your life will change for the better. I recommend it to everyone in this world. If you don't do it for yourself at least do it for your children.

This book has had a huge impact on the way I view myself, September 13, 2008, by Linda
This is all new information to me, and incredibly welcome! I never knew there were others who simply couldn't function if the music was too loud, or who needed to sleep in a sleeping bag or with very heavy blankets. I sort of came across this by accident. It helps a lot to know there are physical reasons for these oddities - it's not just that I'm weak or inadequate because I can't cope with certain things. Plus the whole idea that I might be able to lessen these effects is intriguing!

This is unique, February 22, 2008, by JW
There are many books about children with sensory processing disorders. This is the only one I have found that deals with adults who have grown up with it. The book is full of practical advice - actual steps one can take to manage sensory input. It's well organized and has a good resource section.