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There may never be a more profound or amazing book..., August 17, 1999, By A Customer
Breathe a sigh of relief and never second guess yourself or your loving, instinctual, attachment feelings again. If you've ever wondered which of the "expert" parenting methods are the "right" ones, read "The Vital Touch" not just for one more insight, but to follow the one expert that counts -- you.

This has enlightened us as parents!, June 13, 1999, By A Customer
How exciting it is to find a book that supports your "maternal instinct" as a way of parenting when there are so many experts out there trying to guide us on dealing with common American childcare problems such as sleeping through the night and colic, whereas in Sharon HellerĂ¢??s book she compares our society with that of less advanced more primitive cultures and she finds that fussiness & colic & sleep problems are in fact as American as apple pie. This book has enlightened us as parents to do what we feel is important (massage, parental touch) all supported quite favorably according to the research done by Sharon Heller as having a profoundly positive affect on our infants. This is a "must read' for any parent.

Keep your child close and comforted., July 22, 2001, by Julie Lovisa read this book while pregnant with my first child three years ago. It's eye-opening to contrast the United States with other cultures that promote almost constant contact with their babies. The author shows how our society's emphasis on placing our babies in "containers" (strollers, pumpkin seats, swings, etc.) instead of holding them more often, leads to sensory deprived, more isolated children. There is information on the benefits of the close contact of breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and helping your children become securely attached (think Dr. Sears.) This book is a wonderful comparison between the laid-back childrearing practices of most of the rest of the world and prudish America. You won't want to put your baby down after reading about the wonderful benefits of the vital touch.

My favorite parenting book!, February 17, 2002, by A Customer
I am a psychologist, specializing in work with children and families. I'm currently not working, because I'm staying at home with my two daughters. I have read countless books on the subject of babies, children, families, etc., and have found this book to be the most incredible I've ever read. I truly believe this book will make a difference in your life, and the lives of your children. It's worth every penny, and then some.

Just one word: WOW!!!, April 15, 2003, by Penni
This is an AWESOME book! I bought this due to subject, and reviews. Keep in mind I LOVED my social anthro. Class in college! LOL! But seriously, it reinforces our "attachment" choices, but not based on someone's opinions, but based on evidence based research! It shows our culture verses more contact oriented cultures. We are suffering. Or, actually, our children are! I love Dr. Sears, but this, well; this is exactly the reinforcement I needed. I read so many "co-sleeping CAUSES problems" or you NEED to start a loose schedule, or your children will not be well adjusted", that they were clouding my decisions-making me doubt my choices. But OK, here is a concept, we ARE animals. And yes, many moms have jobs, but that doesn't mean you can't make better choices that will benefit the child. Time for America to stop thinking in the vein "oh, if you hold that baby too much, you'll spoil it". Uhm, DUH! You'll feel better if you need reinforcement for current "contact parenting" and you will get some solid knowledge about how you are attached to your child can affect it socially, emotionally and physiologically. This, I think is a MUST read for anyone wanting some true knowledge about the basics in the way we connect with our children.